Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

I guess it's not true what they say. Old dogs can learn new tricks. Or at least this old dog has the capability of learning a new trick or two.

As I mentioned in my last post, my goal for April is to attempt to learn something new, so I decided that the time has finally come for me to learn how to make two socks at one time using the toe up method. I love how I changed my mind by the end of the post. By the end of the post I decided to make one sock at a time using the toe up method just in case I couldn't figure out the two at a time thing, because I knew I had to learn how to do several things just to learn how to do a toe up sock.

I am glad I decided not to make myself have to learn two a time method this month, because learning how to make a sock using the toe up method is hard enough. Learning how to make a toe up socks means that you
have to learn how to cast on using Judy's Magic Cast on and you have to learn how to use the Magic Loop. Neither thing is hard, but both are very different than the style I accustom to knitting in. I am surprised that I picked up both relatively quickly.

I decided that I would work on the sample sock from the Melissa Morgan Oakes Toe Up 2 at a time book. That way I will make a tiny sample to make sure that I know that I am doing and I don't have to waste too much time on it. The sample is small enough that I can make it and still have time to make a full pair of socks. When I get far enough for you to actually see what I am doing, I will post a picture of the sample. Right now it is too small to see what it actually is.