Don't Talk About it, Be About It!

One of my favorite "street"/urban phrases that I hear on the subway all of the time is "don't talk about it, be about it." The phrase popped into my head while I was working on Olivia's BSJ and I had to use the phrase as my next blog post title.

I've been talking about her BSJ for months, but I have nothing to show for all of my lip flapping and finger tapping. So I stopped talking about it and I have been working on it. As you can see from my Ravelry progress bar I am about 80% done. Finally!

Please Jesus, let me get to the end. If this thing is not done, by my next trip to Maryland, I am having a fire sale and I am giving away all of my knitting needles and yarn. Cause I can not call myself a knitter if I can't finish a little BSJ by Thanksgiving. (Stay back vultures I haven't given up yet.)

I should also put that same challenge to myself for Mr. Crawford's scarf. How the hell am I still in the same place as I was a month ago? Maybe I need to talk a therapist about my knitting issues.

Even though I am not knitting I am still shopping for knitting paraphernalia (that will be the topic of my next post.)

Anyways back to the BSJ.

It is really cute and snuggly (I made it out of cotton). I can't wait to finish it.

I found the cutest Hello Kitty buttons on eBay. I think the buttons will be a cute touch to the sweater.

If my weekend goes as planned, then I should be closer to the finish line by the end of the weekend.

The funny thing is that when Martha (Olivia's Mom) and I originally talked about me making the BSJ we both thought it would be cute to make it out of cotton. But instead of remembering that conversation and starting with a cotton sweater I went to Lion Brand and bought the merino wool. I guess Miss. Olivia isn't interested in wool. Cause this cotton one is moving right along.

The question now is what am I going to do with the 6 or 8 balls of pink and purple merino wool that I bought for her sweater. I can't return it for the red merino that I have ogling for months, because I opened it and Suzy balled it. Any suggestions?


The Hunt is Over

Figured since I am heading home and I want to figure out all of the functions of this app I would write another post.

I have been on the hunt for berry blue kool for months. I found three packets of it once at my local grocery store. Of course because it is so hard to find it is the most amazing color.

The other day i was trolling through ebay. (My new favorite hobby.) For some reason I have been buying a lot of strange stuff from ebay. Figured since I was on ebay I would look for it. I honestly didn't think anyone would be selling barry blue kool aid. Boy was i surprised to six people selling it. I excitedly clapped my hands and whooped. Amanda wanted to know what I was so excited about. When I told I found the berry blue kool she looked at me like I was biggest moron in the world. I didn't let lack of excitement ruin my moment. I ordered my twenty packets and they came two days later.

I haven't done anything with it yet nor do I know what I am going to do with it in the long run. Last night I put it in the plastic box that houses my kool aid. I think I am just happy to have it.
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Phone Bloging

Thanks Maggie for the comment. Seeing your comment inspired me to try out the blogspot app I downloaded on to my phone a couple of days ago. If this one has
more typos then usual...blame it on the phone.

I joined the modern phone world recently my trusty treo died. After months and when I say months I really mean months of searching. I gave in and got the droidx. I gotta admit that i love it and it was worth waiting for. I had to.adjust my attitude and stop wanting it to operate like my treo. which i honestly think was the best phone ever. so out of treo's death i got a cool toy that i can now use to update the blog no matter where i am.

i think my knitting block is gone. the bsj for baby legall is moving along. (She was born 2 weeks ago. she was a sweetie and so tiny.) i have a feeling a feeling she is not going to be as to wear it for a while because it is so big. i let "baby" try it on and it looked it was her size. "baby" is a meaty two year so i think baby Olivia has a while to go. maybe i'll give this one to "baby". (sidenote when is my family going to stop calling the little girl baby.) i am going to stop here because my stop on the train is coming up and i have no clue how this going to turn out.
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