The Hunt is Over

Figured since I am heading home and I want to figure out all of the functions of this app I would write another post.

I have been on the hunt for berry blue kool for months. I found three packets of it once at my local grocery store. Of course because it is so hard to find it is the most amazing color.

The other day i was trolling through ebay. (My new favorite hobby.) For some reason I have been buying a lot of strange stuff from ebay. Figured since I was on ebay I would look for it. I honestly didn't think anyone would be selling barry blue kool aid. Boy was i surprised to six people selling it. I excitedly clapped my hands and whooped. Amanda wanted to know what I was so excited about. When I told I found the berry blue kool she looked at me like I was biggest moron in the world. I didn't let lack of excitement ruin my moment. I ordered my twenty packets and they came two days later.

I haven't done anything with it yet nor do I know what I am going to do with it in the long run. Last night I put it in the plastic box that houses my kool aid. I think I am just happy to have it.
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