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Thanks Maggie for the comment. Seeing your comment inspired me to try out the blogspot app I downloaded on to my phone a couple of days ago. If this one has
more typos then usual...blame it on the phone.

I joined the modern phone world recently my trusty treo died. After months and when I say months I really mean months of searching. I gave in and got the droidx. I gotta admit that i love it and it was worth waiting for. I had to.adjust my attitude and stop wanting it to operate like my treo. which i honestly think was the best phone ever. so out of treo's death i got a cool toy that i can now use to update the blog no matter where i am.

i think my knitting block is gone. the bsj for baby legall is moving along. (She was born 2 weeks ago. she was a sweetie and so tiny.) i have a feeling a feeling she is not going to be as to wear it for a while because it is so big. i let "baby" try it on and it looked it was her size. "baby" is a meaty two year so i think baby Olivia has a while to go. maybe i'll give this one to "baby". (sidenote when is my family going to stop calling the little girl baby.) i am going to stop here because my stop on the train is coming up and i have no clue how this going to turn out.
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