January Update!

Heading to work now. Figured I would write a quick post since I have been neglecting the blog.

This month has been super busy with work. I have been working on a freelance project and I have been pulling a lot of long hours lately.

Here are my updates (I will post photos and give more details later):

I finished Debra's scarf last night! I need to block it.

I sorted all of my yarns to see how much acrylic crap I have. I gotta say I don't have as much as I thought. I think I have enough to make myself a blanket especially if I buy some black yarn to fill in the gaps.

Baby Olivia jacket is still missing the last ten rows. I will finish that this weekend. I think it is going to snow again this weekend so there is no excuse.

Baby Mason is still a TBD. When I was going through my yarn I rediscovered some Vanna's Choice that I bought for him. So this weekend I need to look at it again and figure out what I am doing.

I started an olive green and multi-colored Lucy blanket for him one night when I was bored, but I am not sure if it right for him. Seems a little old.

So it seems as if the only thing that I haven't done from my Jan. to do list is write blog post. :(, but at least I am knitting.

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January Update Number 1

This is a sad sad sad update.

I have made very little progress on my January to do list. The last couple of days have been super busy. The freelance project that I have been working on for my old company is coming to an end and now it is time that I put in a lot of long days, so there hasn't been much time for knitting. :(

Hopefully, I will get some tonight while I watch TV or maybe I will get some done on Saturday while I watch those people read.


#January's #Goals

Now that I have announced my plans for 2011, I guess I better get to work.

@The Younger Rachael thanks for the support!

I plan to do the following things this month:
  • Go through my stash see how much acrylic yarn I have and see if the colors look good together for a Lucy Blanket
  • Figure out what I am making for Mason
  • Finish Olivia's BSJ The sad thing is that I only have 10 more rows to do. She should be wearing this now.
  • Start and finish Mr. Crawford's black hat
  • Blog about the progress of theses projects


#2011 #Crafting #Resolutions

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope your 2011 is off to a great start. Mine is. I started the new year really look key. Went out with two friends and had a drama free night. I hope that NYE represents the way the rest of my year will be. Surrounded by fun/chill people, drinking good drinks and eating some yummy/healthy food.

After much thought, I am finally ready to share my 2011 knitting resolutions with all of you.

For Resolutions the Urban Knits Blog:

  1. Post twice a week.

  2. Try to promote the blog more. I have to say I am surprised by the number of subscribers that I have now without any promotion. Thank you all of taking an interest in my blog. :)

  3. Try to figure out to get more reader participation. I love that people are reading. the blog. I would love for you guys to start commenting and sharing your opinions on here. This blog isn't a one way street. Thank you to the people have been posting comments recently.

  4. Revamp the look of the blog.

  5. Tweet more. Use twitter more than just a place to post the posting. You can follow me on twitter @UrbanKnitsBlog.

For Knitting/Crochet Resolutions:

At first I had this crazy idea to dedicate this year to Elizabeth's Zimmerman's Knitter's Almanac and do a Julie Julia type thing. At first I thought it was a great idea, but started going through the book and realized that some of the patterns are still a little too confusing to me and I may not want to make all of the items in the book. So I decided to make my own version of the knitter's almanac. With that I will be able to accomplish all of the goals that I have for myself in 2011.

  1. Knit more!

  2. Can't watching crappy TV unless I am knitting

  3. Finish at least 15 projects this year

  4. Plot each month's project a month in advance

  5. Blog about the projects in depth

  6. Get rid of all my super crappy acrylic yarn

  7. Make something for myself (on purpose)

  8. Give 3 knitted/crocheted Christmas gifts this year

  9. Make something with cables

  10. Learn how to make socks toe up/2 socks at one

  11. Learn how to color knit or double knit

  12. Don't take 7 months to finish a simple project

  13. Do something really adventurous for the Ravelympics 2011.
I hope I can create my almanac and keep all of these goals. If I start to slip, keep me in check.