2012 Knitolutions

It's a new year, so that means that we have to come up the new plans.

I must have been smoking crack when I came up with my knitting goals for 2011. Last year I had visions of creating the 2011 version of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitter's Almanac.

Last year's goals are listed below. I will put *** next to the goals that I actually met.

Knit more!
Can't watching crappy TV unless I am knitting
Finish at least 15 projects this year - I finished 5 (Olivia's BSJ, Mason's BJ, My Clap and 2 Blankets for Mason)

Plot each month's project a month in advance
Blog about the projects in depth
Get rid of all my super crappy acrylic yarn
Make something for myself (on purpose) ****(I made the clap for me)
Give 3 knitted/crocheted Christmas gifts this year
Make something with cables
Learn how to make socks toe up/2 socks at one
Learn how to color knit or double knit
Don't take 7 months to finish a simple project ****(It took me 4 months to make the clap)
Do something really adventurous for the Ravelympics 2011. (Ha ha this doesn't count that I didn't do this cause there wasn't ravelympics this year.)

As you can see I only "achieved" two of those goals. How sad?

Ok with my sad achievements from 2011, I am going to make realistic goals for 2012.

Here are my 2012 knitolutions:
Knit more!
Finish 8 projects for 2012
Learn how to do something new - color or double knitting
Make something for me
Make toe up socks (he he - if I can't make this goal, then I am giving away my stash. I swear!)

I shared mine. What are yours?