2012 Knitolutions

It's a new year, so that means that we have to come up the new plans.

I must have been smoking crack when I came up with my knitting goals for 2011. Last year I had visions of creating the 2011 version of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitter's Almanac.

Last year's goals are listed below. I will put *** next to the goals that I actually met.

Knit more!
Can't watching crappy TV unless I am knitting
Finish at least 15 projects this year - I finished 5 (Olivia's BSJ, Mason's BJ, My Clap and 2 Blankets for Mason)

Plot each month's project a month in advance
Blog about the projects in depth
Get rid of all my super crappy acrylic yarn
Make something for myself (on purpose) ****(I made the clap for me)
Give 3 knitted/crocheted Christmas gifts this year
Make something with cables
Learn how to make socks toe up/2 socks at one
Learn how to color knit or double knit
Don't take 7 months to finish a simple project ****(It took me 4 months to make the clap)
Do something really adventurous for the Ravelympics 2011. (Ha ha this doesn't count that I didn't do this cause there wasn't ravelympics this year.)

As you can see I only "achieved" two of those goals. How sad?

Ok with my sad achievements from 2011, I am going to make realistic goals for 2012.

Here are my 2012 knitolutions:
Knit more!
Finish 8 projects for 2012
Learn how to do something new - color or double knitting
Make something for me
Make toe up socks (he he - if I can't make this goal, then I am giving away my stash. I swear!)

I shared mine. What are yours?


  1. My 2011 goals turned out much the same... life just keeps going even when I want to hit the pause button!

    So... I got my January goals up. A full year is just too much to think about right now, so I think about a month. And today, I'm thinking about 1 day.... How is it that this stay at home mom is just so very busy!

  2. ....I am gonna hold you to the "giving away your stash" condition you put in there. So you should be on top of your game this year, missy :P