#2010 Recap

In a little less than 24 hours we will say goodbye to 2010 and say hello to 2011. In this post, I will reflect on my crafting year.

I feel as if I had some success this year and some massive failures.

2010 Challenge Review:

When I came up with this idea to challenge myself. I didn't have any real goals. I just said that I would try to make things that I haven't done or haven't been able to do in the past, so I guess I completed by challenge by making a pair of socks, making the trial runs of the bsj, using patterns (something I never do), learning how to dye yarn and...hmmm...what else...I know there had to be more. I guess not.

I am going to pat myself on the back for 15 seconds for making the socks, but that is about it, cause Olivia is still sweaterless and I didn't make anything with cables or learn how to color knit. Considering I didn't give myself any real goal expect for do things that I never done before I guess I completed the challenge. I guess I just expected more from myself. O well, you live and you learn. I guess I better really think about the 2011 challenge.

  • Launched this blog
  • Finally figured out why Raverly is sooooooooo awesome
  • Made new knitting buddies (in real life and online) - Hey Rachel, Jan, Jackie, Miguel and Deena!
  • Over 400 people have viewed my knitting a lifeline video on YouTube. The funny thing is that I put that video up to teach friends how to create lifelines. I haven't done anything to promote this video. Who knew that other people would find it useful?
  • Organized a knitters take over the Q Train meetup - we didn't take over the entire train, but we did take up most of a car :)
  • Discovered new yarns
  • Finished 9.5 objects
  • Cataloged most of my yarn stash, finished objects and current projects

Finished Objects:
  • Lucy Scarf - I am using it
  • UGLY Blue and White Slipper Socks - Gave them to Amanda
  • Dyed Yarn - Not sure if I can consider this a fo, because I didn't make anything with the yarn; I just dyed it.

Almost Finished Objects:

  • Can't get rid of my knitter's block
  • Cable Black Hat - For Mr. Crawford - Kept jacking up the pattern - Frogged
  • Gray Meandering Ribbed Scarf - For Mr. Crawford - Didn't think it was long enough, so I pulled it out and was to keep knitting it, but realized I pulled it out from the wrong end and ruined it. - Frogged
  • Keep buying yarn and not doing anything with it
  • Green Sock - Didn't have point protectors on my needles and lost my sock :( - Frogged

On a whole I am happy with my 2010 crafting year, but I really need to make my 2010 knitting challenge a real challenge with real measurable goals. I guess I should start writing them down now, so I can share them with you in my next post.
Until then enjoy the rest of 2010!


Holiday Recap!

Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas. I did. It is nothing like spending time with your family and then getting stuck on a bus for 15 hours! My dumb ass got a bus from DC to New York City during a blizzard. Don't ask me why? I was determined to get back to NYC to go to work the following day. The funny thing is that I got back and still can't go to work, because my neighborhood is shut down and I can't get into the city.

Even though I had a great time with my family and I finished all of my holiday shopping I did not meet all of my knitting goals for this Christmas. :(

  • Baby Olivia BSJ is still in the same place it has been for the past couple of weeks, so I compensated by buying her a bunch of cute little shirts and leggings.
  • Deb's scarf is only 50% done. I showed it to her to let her know that is being worked on.
  • Mr. Crawford's box of knitted goodies turned into Mr. Crawford's box of random things. Thankfully Suzy finished a hat a scarf, so he had something handmade in the box. I really need to finish this stuff ASAP, because one I don't want to drag these over due projects into 2011 and I want the owners to have their objects.
My sister gave me a cool knitting tool in my stocking. She put a pair of Clover Knit Lite Knitting Needles - Size 8 in my stocking. Every time we go to AC Moore I look at them and wonder if I should get them. So I was really happy that she got them for me.

Knit Lite Needles Review:

Really great concept. I have been in several situations where I wished I had them and now that I do, I hope I remember to use them. Lucky for me the scarf I am working on for my cousin is being worked on a size 8 needle, so I able to use them on the bus returning to New York.

  • The light is really helpful when you are working in a dark place or you are working with dark yarn.
  • The light isn't so bright that it will disturb the people around you.
  • Great for slippery yarn.
  • Uses 6 watch batteries to power them up. I have a feeling it is going to cost me an arm and leg to replace the batteries.
  • The batteries are not easy to put in. I had to put them in several times before they worked.
  • Battery life isn't great. One of the lights had died already and I didn't use them for very long.
  • Not the best quality needles. (I am an addi turbo girl, aka a needle snob, but they are great for this slippery yarn that I am using to make the scarf.)


Cast Your Vote!

Before I start today's post I would like to take a moment to let you know that I am not crazy. I may have sounded a little crazy in my last post. I swear I am not! I am just frustrated and I hate assholes. :)

I can't believe in a few days we are going to say goodbye to 2010 and say hello to 2011. As we get closer to the new year we are all going to start thinking about the good and the bad times of the past year and start laying out our plans for the new year.

I have already started to think about my knitting plans for 2011. 2010 and was my year to challenge myself and now I am thinking about if I really challenged myself in 2010 and how I am going to push myself harder in 2011. (My review of my knitting projects for 2010 and my plans for 2011 will be in future posts.)

The one special project that I have on my to do list for 2011 is to make items for soon to be born nephew. I guess he is actually my great nephew, because is going to be my nieces' son. I am excited for his arrival. I don't have any children of my own and my niece is the offspring from my siblings.

He is expected to arrive the first week of March, so I need to start thinking of I ideas now. As we all know that I am the queen of procrastination knitting. FYI Baby Olivia still doesn't have BSJ. Hopefully I can get the knitting done on that this weekend, so that I can give it to her this week as a xmas present.

I keep going back and forth about what I want to make him, so I am asking you for your help. Please take a moment to vote on what I should make for him (his name is Mason).
  1. A Circular Blanket

  2. A Lucy Blanket

  3. Doctor Who Baby Blanket

  4. Stockinette BSJ (an interesting twist on Elizabeth Zimmerman's pattern)

  5. No Hole Hexagon Sweater
If you don't like any of the ideas that I have mentioned above feel free to suggest other patterns. I open to anything!


A Knitters Right to Say NO!

Today's post is more of a vent than anything else. Feel free to chime in. Let me know if I am crazy or if you feel the same way too. Sometimes I hate it when people find out that I knit. Not because I am embarrassed of the craft or care what others think of it. I just hate some of the questions that people ask.

Here is a list of some of my least favorites:
Knitting is that the one with the two sticks or one sticks?
Did your grandma teach you how to knit?
Do you do that because you have nothing better to do?
Why do you that?
Do you have friends?

But I think the one that gets my panties in a bunch the most is....Can you make something? When it comes from people who just ragged on me for knitting. Seriously am I supposed to be flattered that you want an Urban-Knits original after you just taunted me for twenty minutes, because I knit. I usually just answer this question by simply saying no. If they keep pushing, then I get bitchy and let them know if they weren't a grade A asshole maybe I would make them something, but it is too late now. Of course they are offend and can't believe that I am not flattered by them asking for something.

I also hate when people expect you to pay for the stuff that they want you to make them or they don't want to you for your time. Does my time and my yarn grow on trees that I can get more by just going to my backyard. (Everyone close your eyes and think of a world where you can free yarn off the trees. Now open your eyes.) Back to my venting.

If I choice to make someone a gift, then I also choice to pay for the materials and suck up the time that I am using for the project, but that is my choice. Would you ask Paula Dean to make a quiche for free? Would you expect Chris Rock to tell you a joke for free? So why do people expect knitters to give up their yarn and time for them?

Here are my top reasons why I can't knit something for every Tom, Dick and Harry who wants something:
  1. People don't care of their shit. You'll see them 6 months later. The scarf looks like it has been dragged around in the mud. They don't know where the other sock is.
  2. I am a lazy knitter. It takes me forever to finish a project so why am I going to add in a project that I don't want to do. Look how long it takes me to do the ones I want to do.
  3. People don't want to pay for the real price of handmade goods.
Good night! I am going to take my grumpy butt to bed.