A Knitters Right to Say NO!

Today's post is more of a vent than anything else. Feel free to chime in. Let me know if I am crazy or if you feel the same way too. Sometimes I hate it when people find out that I knit. Not because I am embarrassed of the craft or care what others think of it. I just hate some of the questions that people ask.

Here is a list of some of my least favorites:
Knitting is that the one with the two sticks or one sticks?
Did your grandma teach you how to knit?
Do you do that because you have nothing better to do?
Why do you that?
Do you have friends?

But I think the one that gets my panties in a bunch the most is....Can you make something? When it comes from people who just ragged on me for knitting. Seriously am I supposed to be flattered that you want an Urban-Knits original after you just taunted me for twenty minutes, because I knit. I usually just answer this question by simply saying no. If they keep pushing, then I get bitchy and let them know if they weren't a grade A asshole maybe I would make them something, but it is too late now. Of course they are offend and can't believe that I am not flattered by them asking for something.

I also hate when people expect you to pay for the stuff that they want you to make them or they don't want to you for your time. Does my time and my yarn grow on trees that I can get more by just going to my backyard. (Everyone close your eyes and think of a world where you can free yarn off the trees. Now open your eyes.) Back to my venting.

If I choice to make someone a gift, then I also choice to pay for the materials and suck up the time that I am using for the project, but that is my choice. Would you ask Paula Dean to make a quiche for free? Would you expect Chris Rock to tell you a joke for free? So why do people expect knitters to give up their yarn and time for them?

Here are my top reasons why I can't knit something for every Tom, Dick and Harry who wants something:
  1. People don't care of their shit. You'll see them 6 months later. The scarf looks like it has been dragged around in the mud. They don't know where the other sock is.
  2. I am a lazy knitter. It takes me forever to finish a project so why am I going to add in a project that I don't want to do. Look how long it takes me to do the ones I want to do.
  3. People don't want to pay for the real price of handmade goods.
Good night! I am going to take my grumpy butt to bed.


  1. That's my sister :). I don't knit a lot yet, but I have had people ask me if my grandma taught me when they see me knitting or crocheting. UGH! Someone asked you if you have friends. Hell yeah and they knit too! So know I don't think you are crazy. And the cost of some the projects I have seen you make haven't been cheap. So YES that person that rags on you for knitting or the associate that says "I want one"should pay for the damn yarn. Hell what do they think alongside the yarn tree you have a money bush. I wish!!!!

  2. Girl, I didnt know you go through that mess. I'd probably have that same attitude too.