January Update!

Heading to work now. Figured I would write a quick post since I have been neglecting the blog.

This month has been super busy with work. I have been working on a freelance project and I have been pulling a lot of long hours lately.

Here are my updates (I will post photos and give more details later):

I finished Debra's scarf last night! I need to block it.

I sorted all of my yarns to see how much acrylic crap I have. I gotta say I don't have as much as I thought. I think I have enough to make myself a blanket especially if I buy some black yarn to fill in the gaps.

Baby Olivia jacket is still missing the last ten rows. I will finish that this weekend. I think it is going to snow again this weekend so there is no excuse.

Baby Mason is still a TBD. When I was going through my yarn I rediscovered some Vanna's Choice that I bought for him. So this weekend I need to look at it again and figure out what I am doing.

I started an olive green and multi-colored Lucy blanket for him one night when I was bored, but I am not sure if it right for him. Seems a little old.

So it seems as if the only thing that I haven't done from my Jan. to do list is write blog post. :(, but at least I am knitting.

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