Goodbye January Hello February!

Great News! Baby Olivia's BSJ is finally done! The only thing that is left to do is sew up the sleeves and put the button. I am not even going to act as if I am going to act as if I am going to do either thing. I have already begged Suzy to help me. I can't put a button or sew up the sleeves. Sewing is not my thing. On a whole I like the BSJ, but I am don't love it. I think I made it correctly, but I am not crazy about the cotton yarn that I used. I really need to find the perfect yarn to make a BSJ with.

Deb's scarf is also done. The only thing left to do it block it.

So what didn't get done as a part of January's to do list.

Mr. Crawford hat didn't even get started.

I did pull out my acrylic yarn, but need to figure out what I am going to do with it. There isn't as much as I expected, so I may have to buy some black yarn to make up for what is lacking. I need to post a photo of my acrylic stash, so that I can get ideas from all of you on what I should do with the yarn.

I was supposed to figure Mason, but he still up in the air. I will make him my focus for February. I have been working on the green blanket that I started for him. I still have a month to go before he comes. Not like I have ever been ready for any child. So maybe I should keep this up, because I have been late for all of my favorite little brats and they are all well. No need to break the cycle now. :)

February to do list:
  1. Finish the same green blanket for Mason -finish this by Feb. 19th baby shower
  2. Mr. Crawford's hat
  3. BSJ for Mason - stripes - goal to finish by the time he is two months old

Time for bed! Night night!


  1. Yea for those that got done! Keep at it, persevere and it will all get finished. Remember, baby steps.

  2. Wow! I think both projects came out great. I LOVE that scarf. I am going to have to find that yarn in red, of course, and make me one. I have started a blanket for Mason as well. Hopefully it will done by the time he gets here. I think Olivia is going to look great in her sweater.