Another One Bites the Dust (month and project)

OK, so another month is over and I am still left with a whole lot on my plate, so I think it is time that I that I revamp my resolutions for 2011/smaller goals each month, so that that I can keep my goals going this year.

New Monthly Resolutions
  • Finish at least one project a month
  • Blog at least once a week
  • Knit 5 hours a week
  • Learn a new technique every 2 months

Reminder of 2011 Goal

  • Finish at least one project a month - Plot each month's project a month in advance
  • Learn 3 to 4 new knitting techniques, such as toe up socks, two socks at one time, magic loop, cables or color knitting, by the end of the year
  • Blog at least twice a week and not just updates - Blog about the projects in depth
  • Give 3 knitted/crocheted Christmas gifts this year
  • Use stash/Get rid of all my super crappy acrylic yarn
  • Make something for myself (on purpose)
If I can't keep these goals up for the year, then I will donate my Addi Turbo Needles to charity.

With that being said, I am happy to report that I have finished Baby Mason's First Blanket. I must say it came out really good. After seeing his stroller yesterday I realized that I picked the right colors.


  1. Trina the blanket looks great. Mom said that by the time I finish my blanket for him he'll be going to grade school. At this point I think she might be right, but I am not going to give up. You are right about a few tasks at a time because with having to deal with the rest of life's stuff the hours in a day are limited.

    Have a great and productive March everyone.

  2. Good job, girl! I'm all about achievable goals and keeping them reasonable. And I think its better to reward yourself for the accomplishments rather than punishment for falling short. Just a thought.