February's To Do List

Happy Valentine's Day Everybody!

Here are my plans for February 2011. My plans for January worked out better well. I think I gave myself too much to do, but I am so happy that I did finish what I finished.

So what's left over from last month:
  • Hat for Mr. Crawford
  • Photo of Acrylic Stash

February's To Do List:
  • Olivia's BSJ needs to be sew (Suzy)
  • Green Blanket
  • Blog more
  • A hat for Mr. Crawford
  • Block Deb's scarf
  • Start primary color blanket for Mason

What should I do with the random green blanket that is in the photo below? I have been crocheting this during my moments of boredom.

Should I give it to Baby Mason? I like it, but I am not sure if it screams baby boy to me.

If this was bigger, I could totally see my mother loving it. The colors scream DOT (that is my is my mom's name).

I am going to keep working on it cause it is nice and you never know. I may have a mysterious baby show up. Babies have a way of just show up sometimes without a warning.


  1. Wow. Mason's blanket looks so nice. They are going to love it. I was starting to make one myself but now I don't know. Mine might be thrown in the corner.

    Liv's sweater looks great and when it is done I think it is going to be gorgeous. She is going to look so good in that sweater.

    I have been finding some really nice patterns to help me improve my skills. Maybe I will post them on my own blog (that won't be for a while yet though) :)

  2. I love how you have mysterious babies show up! LOL ... as long as I'm not the one pulling the surprise all is good in the world! :D

    I'll try to get the BSJ done this weekend. I've been under the weather and tried to look at it yesterday, but ... well, my head is foggy is all I'm going to say.

    I think the green blanket would be perfect for Baby Mason!