February Update One

This update has very little to do with knitting and all about my new love.

Baby Mason arrived three weeks early and of course the green blanket is only half way done. I am going give him the green blanket, because it matches his stroller.

After meeting him I decided that I am going to make him a baby old man sweater with stripes because he reminds me of an old man with a comb over. I want to play around with his old man while I can.

Hopefully, I will have the blanket done in 2 weeks. Will keep you posted.


  1. Looked has made the big time. Mason Austin. I have not had the honor of meeting my great nephew yet but I can not wait. Send him all your blessing for a healthy joyous life.

    xoxoxo Mason

  2. Mason Austin a sweetie pie. You are going to eat him up when you meet him.