August 2010 Update

Sorry for the delay! Life has been a little nutty. Since my last post, I moved into my new "home", a got new "job", Baby Legall’s baby surprise jacket is on the needles and I realized that Mr. Crawford is a tall drink of water.

Mr. Crawford came to town the other day and we had a delicious dinner at Sushi Tatsu in Park Slope . (I can’t wait for him to move back to New York. I really miss that man.) I had his scarf with me, so I asked him to try it on to see if I was almost done. Thank god I had him try it on, because I got a big screaming NO! as an answer. I didn’t realize how tall he was. I have a lot of work to do before I can even think about stopping.

My grandiose plan of making him a box of knitted goodies is not going to be a reality. I guess if Suzy and I can make two scarfs and 4 hats between the two of us than that is better than nothing. I just need to stop having knitting issues. Last year I "made" him a hat and scarf, but I didn't give him either thing. The scarf was too short and I tried pulling it out, but I screwed it all up, because I pulled it out from the wrong end and the hat was way tooooooo big, so I kept it for myself. Hopefully he will a get a warm and fuzzy box of goodies, because I don't want him to go through another cold Chicago winter without a treat.

Last night, I started working on Baby Legall’s BSJ. Ok maybe working is an exaggeration. I only casted on half of the stitches, but at least it is a start. And it is not just a bunch of yarn laying on my floor. This is going to be attempt number 3. The old saying is 3rd try is the charm, so let's hope that is true.

I have decided I am not going to use the two colors together , because I wasn’t really a fan of it. So I am going to just make color blocks/stripes instead. I think that is going be really cute.

I really have to start working on it NOW, because she is coming at the end of this month, if not sooner, and fall is approaching.

Hopefully, I will have some photos to post by the end of the week.

New "home":
Last weekend, I moved into Amanda’s house. I have to admit that this was the best move I ever made. I have moved a lot in the past 15 years. Every move has been horrible and I usually end up in tears at some point. This time I decided to hire a mover and not use friends/family or someone my mom knows.

I took a chance and asked the storage place for some recommendations and found Lickshot. If you are in the NY/NJ area and you are looking for a mover, call Lickshot @ 646-299-5224. He was amazing. The entire job(moving out of my apartment and moving into the storage place and into Amanda's house) was done in approximately 4 hours. He was nice, but more importantly he was careful and didn't steal my shit.

Surprisingly, Amanda and I haven’t killed each other yet and on a whole things are going well. I am trying to adjust to living in a house with other people. It is so hard since I have been living by myself for most of my adult life and I hate living with people. I have to remember to smile, be helpful, courteous and not be annoying. And most importantly remember that they are doing me a favor by letting me stay with them for a very small fee while I am on my journey for for happiness.

I don’t miss the Ocean Avenue apartment at all. It honestly was a major factor of my sadness. I hated that place. I hated everything about it. I hated it from the moment I walked in the door. I hated why I had to move there. I hated the lay out, I hated the size, I hated the building, I hated that it was so old, I hated the people who lived there before me ruined the wood floors, I hated the guys who sat in front of my window and smoked blunts and played craps, I hated that the owner didn’t take care of it, I hated the uninvited guests and most importantly I hated what that apartment represented in my life.

There was some pluses. I loved the location. I really loved the neighborhood. If I never lived there, then I would have never met Amanda.

As soon I left the apartment, my soul and my spirit become lighter and happier. I guess I have to give up a little bit of comfort for a lifetime of happiness. It is not like I am never going to get my own place again. This is just a temporary living arrangement.

Some of the great things about staying at Amanda’s is that I am still in the same neighborhood as the Ocean Avenue apartment, expect this time I am on the nicer side. My apartment was on the "sketchy" side of the neighborhood. Now I am closer to the bars and restaurants that I love. The best thing about living there is that I have access to outdoor space. Last night was a nice night, so I sat on the porch and started the BSJ. It was nice to sit there and knit. If it is ok with them, I would like to spend many more evening sitting on the porch knitting.

New "job":
I started a new job. I am freelancing at Pratt Institute. I am working in the special events department. I am working with the Director of Events with the Legends 2010 Event. I like it, because I am not planning the event. I am just helping assisting. Plus it is only for 3 months.

It is nice to work in a place that isn’t filled with drama and craziness. I have to admit after quitting my last job, as the Director of Events for an unnamed company, I was terrified of going back to work or working on events. I really thought that everywhere was insane. Pratt is showing me that not everywhere is filled with that much drama. I joke all of the time that I should seek treatment for post traumatic stress disorder after working at my last job, because I seriously freak out when I hear certain keywords that I are associated with that place. (Omg my heart just started racing as I wrote the work associated, because my last job was with a (dare I say it) an association. UGH! UGH!)

I like working here. It is chill, but I am glad that it is a temp job. I do not think I could work here forever. As much as I want a stress free environment job, I do need some stress, because this place makes me sleepy. I never felt like I was going to fall asleep at my last place of employment. If anything, I was always in a crazy time warp. As soon as I would sit down there the clock would speed from 9am to 6pm in seconds. Here I feel every minute and I don’t have much to do. But is cool, it is a good introduction back into the working world. Plus I really miss working in the city. You never know how much you miss doing something until you stop doing it.

Now that things are getting back to normal, I will attempt to go back to posting twice a week.


  1. I'm sure that he will love his box of knitted goodies, even if you're not able to make as many as you'd like. I know I would! I have to make my own hand knit goodies to survive Chicago winters.

    Good luck in your new apartment and at your new job!

  2. awww shucks homie, you can knit outside anytime!