A Clean Baby is a Happy Baby

I am happy to report that isn't going to be another post with me saying ain't nothing going with my knitting.

Hallelujah! I made something!

With all of the craziness going on and the knitting block, I wasn't prepared for Martha's (Baby Legall's Mom) baby shower. The BSJ yarn is being balled by Suzy as I type this post.

I couldn't afford to buy a present and I couldn't go empty handed, so I decided to make some simple washcloths. I read on several sites that handmade washcloths were a great baby shower gift, so I decided to make some. I wanted to make 4, but only finished 2, because the first one I made was really really ugly and I didn't start making them until the morning of the shower.

Martha seemed pleased with them and I told her that I would make her a couple of more. I personally believe that you can never be too clean and babies are always making a mess.

Making the washcloths was a great project to work with my current state of mind and budget. They were simple to make and cotton is a
cheap material. I would recommend others to make wash cloths for baby shower gifts. Washcloths are a great way to practice new patterns/stitches. I have a feeling I will be making more of them soon. I have been dying to try patterns from the Knit Purl book that I bought a few months ago.

I promised Martha that I would complete the BSJ shortly. I am not going to use the two colors together for the next jacket. I really didn't like the way the colors looked together. I still have to use two strains at one, because of the size that I am trying to achieve.

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