Christmas To Do List

Suzy and Cheryl came over yesterday to help me pack up my apartment and dehoard. I am moving out of this shit hole apartment at the end of the month.

It was a fun day (until Ms. Edwards tried to make me throw out my scrap note paper).
When the 3 of us get together we have a ton of laughs and we always have a bunch of knitting/yarn chats.

During the course of the dehoarding we went through my crap yarn bag and I actually threw out yarn. I don't think I have ever thrown out yarn. The crap yarn bag is filled with random remnants. I think I have remnants from EVERY project that I ever made. When I say EVERY project I mean EVERY project.

Luckily they didn't make me throw out anything from the real stash. :)

Since I am putting most of my stuff in storage, it doesn't make sense for me to take all of my yarn with me, so I pulled out enough yarn to create a bunch of projects.

Here is my wip/Christmas to do list. Let's see if I get all of this done.

Baby Legall's - Baby Surprise Jacket
Mr. Crawford's - Meandering Scarf

TO DOS/Yarn I am taking with me:
5 Balls of Red Cashmere - Scarf for Jan or Debra
4 Balls of Red Baby Alpaca - Scarf for Jan or Debra
5 Balls of Red Inca Alpaca - Scarf for Jan or Debra
4 Balls of Green Alpaca Yarn - Something for Allison
5 Balls of Bulky Hot Pink Yarn - Bulky Baby Surprise Jacket for Kaia or "Baby"
1 Ball of Pink & White Cotton - ?
2 Balls of Sugar & Cream - Wash Cloths for Baby Legall
2 Balls of Multi-Colored Paton Merino Wool - Hat for Mr. Crawford
4 Balls of Patons Kroy Sock Yarn - Socks for Dr. Freeman

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