April/May Update

Where has the time gone? I haven't been on here in over a month. I am happy to report that I am alive and I have been knitting. During these couple of weeks away from you guys I have had a lot going on.
  1. Got a new computer. I am now a mac girl. Very different than a pc. I like it, but I still have a lot to learn and I think part of my lack of blogging was because of the new computer. For some reason I couldn't type well on it and when I tried to blog I had issues and couldn't do it. But I am all set now and I can type. :)
  2. The crazy freelance project is done. Austin, TX was a cool city and the event was a great success.
  3. I am officially employed now. I got my old job after the event. I am hoping that the new team that is in place in better than the one that was there when I worked there full time before.
  4. I have been knitting and learning important lessons. I will get more into that below.
  5. Looking for an apartment now. Now that I am officially employed I am starting to look for a new apartment. Will be leaving the little basement soon. :)
  6. Went to the MD Wool and Sheep Festival. Will get more into that below.
Ok so now let's get into the knitting. I love magic loop. The last post that I wrote was about how I was learning how to do the famous Judy Magic Cast on and Magic Loop, so that I can learn how to make toe up/two at a time sock. The making of the toe up sock has not been a success, because I was using a book that was for two socks at a time and I was just making one sock, so I pulled out the toe up sock and started a cuff down sock using magic loop. Magic loop is amazing. When the girls and I learned how to knit I was a big fan of DPN. I did have a couple of times when I wondered if I could use a different method for circular knitting.

One of my life knitting goals is to be a sock maker and thought of knitting on the train with DPNs was dreadful thought, because I am always dropping needles and misplacing. With magic loop you don't have a ton of needle points and and they are connected by the circular cord, so I can't drop them. It makes the project more manageable. I only need two needle point protector vs 8. It is easier to make sure that my project is protected and there is less chance of the project twisting.
Using magic loop makes me feel that I am one step closer to being the super sock maker. I better become a super sock maker, because I now have a nice stash of sock yarn. In the last couple of weeks I have picked up some really great sock yarns. (If I can get my poop together today, I will take photos of all of my new goodies.)

I decided to make Hilda's Basic Ribbed Sock and it is going well. I cuff is done. Now I am moving to the heel. The only issue with the sock now is that the gauge is completely off. I have to admit that I have not been a stickler for gauge. Gauge has never been very important for most things that I have knitted. So I picked up inexpensive Pattons Sock Yarn and my circular needles and went to town. I thought I was doing well until I tried slipping the sock on my fat foot into the sock. Houston I had a problem. I couldn't get my foot. So when I got to MD I asked my sister, a petit lady, to try on the sock and she couldn't do it. I really knew I had a problem. When I babysitting my little cousins I asked my very petti 7 year old cousin to try it and it fit her. OH damn! I guess I am not making myself a sock. I guess I am making a child sock.

Lesson learned. Gauge is important in sock making. I am happy I am not using the good stuff cause I would be pissed if I was giving my 7 year old cousin a pair of $30 socks. I am ok with giving her a $10 pair. :) I did buy a new toe up book, so that I can learn how to make toe up socks. After making this cuff down sock I am really seeing why people like making up toe up socks, because you have more control over your object, because you can try it on as you make it.

Mason BSJ has been a hmmmmm! I think I am going to have to rip it out. Thank god I have lifeline. Something went wonky somewhere. I don't even understand how, why or why. I saw Mason last night and he is growing like a weed. Thank goodness I decided go with the bigger size cause he is/going to be a tall boy.

I was in MD for Mother's Day. The MD Sheep and Wool Festival was the same weekend and it was about 45 minutes away from my mom's house, so my sister and I decided to go at the last minute. Really glad we did. It was great day weather wise and I was able to find yarns that I was not able to find at the NY State. I was able to buy the famous Socks that Rock and Sanguine Gryphon and the not so famous Neighborhood Yarns.

So what's on my knitting the plate for the next couple of weeks.

Getting Mason's BSJ back on track
Finishing the cuff down sock
Review the new toe up sock
Organize yarn and catalog it in ravelry (hopefully I can get that started tonight)

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