June Update

Believe it or not, I am alive.

Can't say that I have much to report.

Mason's BSJ is finally all knitted. Suzy has it, so that she can put the buttons on it and sew up the sleeves. Thank god he isn't a super big boy yet. Looks like he has a couple of months before the jacket will fit him, so we have a little time to finish it.

The next project on my to do list is the Clapotis. I suggested to the knitting up group that I run once a month that we should do the Clapotis as a group knit along. Great idea in theory, but of course I do not have one line knitted. I have tried casting on 2 or 3 times, but for some reasons I just can't get it started. I don't think the pattern is hard. My mind has been everywhere expect for the knitting project. Hopefully, I will get it together shortly.

I am really excited to get it started. I bought this great yarn. The colorway is gorgeous. It is going to look like a great big gay pride flag.

I hope it started before Friday, so that I can work on it on my 3 hour train ride.

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