Frogging, Dancing, Riding and a Little Knitting in Between

This weekend wasn't what I planned, but it was nice just the same.

Friday was a bust. Lynn came over to help me figure out to how to use my sewing machine and the machine didn't work. I am not sure why, because I haven't "used" the thing in months. If I touched it 10 times, that would be a lot.

I have this dream of learning how to use a sewing machine, but for some reason the dream isn't becoming a reality. The first person who was teaching me how to sew is no longer giving private lessons and now the machine is broken. I am not sure if it is worth getting it fixed, because it is a mini machine and might cost more to get it fixed than it is worth.

Friday night I just chillaxed in the house, because my evening plans didn't work out, so I worked on the BSJ and watched the 20/20 Michael Jackson special. Bad combination! I was paying more attention to the TV, than my knitting and had to frog it. UGH! UGH! I had 9 rows done. Something told me to put a lifeline in before I started row 1o, but of course I didn't listen to myself. So now Baby Legall's BSJ is just a bunch of pretty pink and
purple yarn on my futon. :(

Saturday was a better day. Ran some errands. Rode the B23 bus (for the last time) and then hopped on the B67. I got some great public transportation knitting in . Then later that night I went to a Michael Jackson tribute party and danced with Joe and Cheddie. I am not sure if anyone would call what I do dancing, but I jiggled my big butt, moved my feet in two general directions, clapped my hands, fist pumped and sang. Awesome party! Keita and DJ Spinna really know how to throw a party.

If you are a MJ fan. Click here for a little treat. I made this mix a couple of days after his death. Hope you enjoy it.

Today is super hot and my foot is hurting from all of the "dancing", so today definitely didn't go as planned. I was going to go out to either to dance to some more MJ tunes or go to gay pride, but I thought I was going to melt if I did either of those things. So I joined Amanda at the laundromat.

Besides the fact that my bedroom smelled like a dirty laundry basket, please tell me why I decided to go to the laundromat on the hottest day ever? Unfortunately, I was not able to get some laundromat knitting in. Laundromats are another urban knitter venue. I am sure there will be posts on laundromat knitting soon.

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