Knitting Venue Closed

I wouldn't be much of an Urban Knitter if I never talked about my journeys on public transportation. As a New Yorker, I depend on the MTA for 99% of my transportation needs.

Most Urban Knitters do a great deal of knitting on public transportation. Public transportation is a great place to work on small knitting/crochet projects. I always feel so productive when I am able to work on a project on the train or bus. It is so much better to get a couple of rows done then just sit there and let the time slip away. There are a few draw backs to knitting on the train, but the productivity out weighs the draw backs in my book.

I hate the MTA! I hate them with a passion. They keep charging us more and more money and giving us less. The only thing we get more of is attitude and horrible service.

Tomorrow is going to be a hard day for New Yorkers. The massive service cuts that have been in the news for months are going into effect tomorrow. The Q train and the B23 bus (two of my favorite modes of transportation) are going to be greatly effected by the budget cuts.

The Q train is now going to Queens. UGH! Not that I have a problem with Queens. I just have a problem with my train going there. The thing I love most about the Q train is the first/the last stop is in the city. I knew if I went to 57th Street and 7th I would get a seat. Now that the Q train is going to Queens I will not be guaranteed that luxury.

I like to refer to the Q train as the crafty train, because there are so many knitters and crocheters on the train. I never seen a train line with so many crafters on it. I love looking around the subway seeing all of the people working on their projects. I love talking to the other crafters about their projects. I wonder if there are going to be less knitters/crocheters on the Q train, because there will be less seats available. I have a feeling I am going to knit less on the Q train. Unfortunately, I have not picked up the skill of knitting while standing up on a moving train. Maybe I should add that to my 2010 challenge, so I don't loose those extra minutes of knitting.

The B23 (my neighborhood bus) is being discontinued. I understand why this cut has been made, because the bus doesn't really go anywhere. It goes up and down Cortelyou Road and 16th Avenue and it doesn't have a lot of passengers, but I really like the B23. It is a great help to me when I go grocery/liquor shopping, it's raining, late at night, too hot or too cold.

During my hiatus from life I have been using the B23 a lot and I started taking longer trips on it. I have discovered how amazing this bus is. During my longer bus trips I have knitted on it. The B23 is the ideal bus to knit on, because there are not a lot of people on it, so I can spread out, and it is always air conditioned.

Goodbye B23. I am going to miss you!

I have some errands to run today, so I think I am going hop on it today and knit a little.

Why does the MTA have to screw up the good things?

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