Washed and Soon to be Delivered

Do you notice that something is missing from the what's on my needles section of the blog? That's right baby Olivia's BSJ is not hanging out there anymore. Suzy sewed up the shoulders and washed it today. So it is officially done. Now all I have to do it mail it. (Special hugs and kisses to Suzy.)

I gotta admit it is really cute. I did make some boo boos, but they will not stop her from wearing the sweater. It's not like I can't make her another one.

I also washed Mason's blanket and it washed really well. I will use Bernat acrylic yarn again.

Today I meet up with a girl from the neighborhood and we knitted for a couple for an hour or so and I started the first 10 rows of Mason's BSJ. I am excited to see how it turns out.

Since my goal is to only knit 25 rows of whatever project I start this month, then I am half way there for my goal of the month.

I noticed something interesting. Knitting with Vanna's Choice yarn and crocheting with Vanna Choice yarn is very different. I kept reading that the yarn splits a lot, but didn't experience until I started knitting with it. Not sure if I am going to knit with this yarn again. I think the sweater is going to cute. I am starting it with the rust color and I am going to do that for the first 15 rows. Not sure what color I am going to do after that.

I need your help, I ran into an old friend today coming back from the laundromat and she asked me if I was still knitting and I showed her the bsj and she asked me to make one to sell in her store. I told her if I have a spare moment and wasn't doing anything I would. What kind of yarn should I use and how much should I charge for the sweater?

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